Lori Fisher purchased the Quarter Moon just after it’s inception in May 1995, never imagining the business evolving into the shop it is today. She is originally from St. Paul, Minnesota and retired from the mortgage banking industry when her daughter was born. Her daughter, Lauren (aka Lolly), was her first and best employee at the age of 9! She continues as an invaluable business advisor to her mom, as she develops her own career in the public health industry in the Raleigh area. Lori is married to Charles Fisher and enjoys caring for her 4 dogs, 2 cats, 3 feral cats and 1 cockatiel named Cookie.



MarieJeffMarie Kunza grew up in Rio Rico, Arizona and made her way to Greensboro, North Carolina at 18.  She began working as Manager of Quarter Moon’s Wine Bar in July 2014 . Her passion for wine came while working behind the bar at a high end steakhouse. There she was able to try various styles of wine and have constant training, which fueled her passion. In 2011 her husband accepted a job in Omaha, NE, where they lived for three years. Marie assisted in opening and managed a locally owned restaurant.  Marie and her family found themselves back in North Carolina in June 2014. Marie recently passed the Court of Master Sommeliers Introductory Course. Marie is married to Dan Kunza and has two children, Ava (9) and Donovan (6). Due to Marie’s impressive management of Quarter Moon’s Wine Bar, she was promoted to Manager of Quarter Moon Books, Gifts and Wine Bar in March 2015.


Quarter Moon Bookstore originated in May, 1995 in a small space at 625B S. Anderson Blvd. in Topsail Beach. The name was inspired from an EmmyLou Harris title “Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town”,  In 1999, Quarter Moon moved to a building of its own up the street and has evolved from there. Books are the heart of the business, but clothing, gifts, stationery, coffee and wine subsidize the book habit!