Quarter Moon offers women’s clothing that is classic, yet casual. The highlights of our clothing lines are:

Cut Loose

Cut Loose is casual clothing that is sewn and dyed in San Francisco. This line is known for its colors, flattering style and comfortable fit. The shapes are simple allowing you to easily combine pieces for a sophisticated look. The clothes feel good on your skin while the fabrics are easy to care for.1cutloose_summer_2016 (1)

Blue Ginger has been selling exclusively designed resort wear in Hawaii for over 30 years. The beauty of the tropics provides endless inspiration for these original designs… exotic flowers, the pacific ocean, and everyday wonders of the Hawaiian islands. The bold blue of the ginger flower found in nature has become a signature hue.

The Batik process involves stamping fabric material with a protective wax layer. This allows for selective coloring due to the wax resisting the dye. Each new color requires a separate application of wax to protect different areas of fabric. Wax coatings adhere differently with every application, even cracking occasionally, adding subtle variations to each section of fabric. The individuality and color created in this unique dyeing process make Batik prints colorful, intricate, rich and complex and hard to be replicated in conventional printing processes.

Cobblestone Living is a company based out of Atlanta Georgia.  Our timeless looks include exquisite handmade Italian tops in classic styles that can be worn casually, or accessorized for a more formal occasion.  We concentrate on clothes that flatter every shape, stand the test of time, and are always affordable.